Things To Do In Preble County

There is so much to do in Preble County that it all won't fit on one web page! Click on the links below to learn more about the great things that await you in Preble County!


Antique Trail Golf Courses
Covered Bridges Recreation
Camping Zoo
History Geo-Caching
Festivals Ghosts

County Wide Links

Preble County Council on Aging Preble County YMCA
Preble County Fine Arts Center
Preble County Fairgrounds
Preble County Park District Preble County Historical Society
Preble County Pork Festival Preble County District Library
Preble County Ohio, Economic Dev. Ohio National Road Association

Towns & Villages

Camden New Paris
College Corner Verona
Eldorado West Alexandria
Eaton West Elkton
Gratis West Manchester


Dari Twist Cruise In
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"Wow...Preble County is amazing, you just have to come & visit!  Our family loves to get out to the country and I wanted to share a few pics of our time exploring this great county and its wonderfully rural flavor. We met warm and friendly folks, found several outstanding festivals,
learned about farming, enjoyed a few parades and soaked up the beautiful scenery that was everywhere!
It was a blast and we hardly even scratched the surface of what there is to discover."  - Your Name Here


With more things to do in Preble County than you can imagine, it's no wonder you'll want to come back again & again.

A day in the country revives the soul and a day traveling in Preble County visiting all of our covered bridges, parks,
golf courses & fine dining is a wonderful way to experience everything we have to offer. Click the button on the right to view/print a map of Preble County. This will help you to plan out your next visit and maximize the time you will be exploring. Enjoy your stay in Preble County!

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Preble County...


From golf to ghost hunting, from a covered bridge to an antique mall, from a warm and cozy bed to a night in a tent, from dining in a state park lodge to pizza at a local restaurant, Preble County has something for everyone!  Visit Preble County!  You'll be glad you did!

Preble County Fairgrounds, Eaton, Ohio